Q&A with Julia Sutton, COO of Exhale Spa

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One of our favorite places to work out is exhale spa. From barre, cardio and yoga classes to their healing spa treatments, we walk away refreshed. 

We interviewed Julia Sutton, COO of exhale, to learn more about her, the brand and get inspired. 







 How long have you been in the wellness space?

I have been in management in the health, fitness, spa and wellbeing my entire career. I joined the founding team of Exhale 13 years ago to build and operate and expand our life-changing brand. Prior I worked in spas, corporate fitness, and large box gyms.

How does exhale continue to stand out?

Exhale programs are all transformational in nature and are gender neutral. Our offerings are consistent and work. Our guests have a deep trust in the quality of our programs and offerings.  

What is the most exciting thing that you are seeing in the industry?

I am seeing our younger generation embrace well-being stronger than any other generation before them, They have many more choices than any other generations and they are taking advantage of that.

Over the past 13 years, the company has expanded into different markets, associates and class programs, what’s your vision for the Future? 

Exhale wants to continue to grow and expand nationally and internationally. We are also working on offering our brand and programs digitally.

How do you motivate your team and stay aligned on the brand’s vision?

We only hire healers. This has to be in our teams DNA or it doesn’t work. You have to love to love helping others on their journey in life. Therefore, our teams end up motivating themselves!

What are the most popular classes at exhale and is Core Fusion still your favorite?

Our Core Fusion class  is where we started and remains the foundation of all our other classes and our highest utilized class.  My personal favorite is CFX- (core fusion extreme) I am a hard core athlete so I love to be out of breath.

What’s your best advice for managing family and work?

Surround yourself with GREAT people. This allows you to be GREAT. I have a GREAT husband, brothers, friends, and co-workers. We lean on and everyone benefits.

Hollie Watman is all about inspirational living, can you share a piece of inspiration?

Be Present. Live for now. This frees you up to be yourself and stay grounded and focus on what really matters In life.

What’s your advice for any entrepreneur building a brand?

Stay focused and never, never give up. Meditate, which will allow your head space to stay strategic and execute.   

Learn more about exhale and take one of their classes! 


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