Our Mother's Day Interview with Hollie Watman


In celebration of Mother's Day, we decided to interview our inspirational founder, Hollie Watman to learn more about motherhood, family time and her daughter Carley. 

How do you balance entrepreneurship and family life?

Being newly self-employed gives me the benefit of flex time.  I make sure that I get up early to make Carley breakfast and discuss the day ahead. She is an active 17 year old with a full schedule and that's why mornings together are a priority. 

What’s your favorite bonding activity to do with Carley?

We love anything art related! We bond over drawing, discussing art or even crafts. We've worked on projects ever since Carley was little whether that's jewelry, rubber stamps or drawing together. She also takes classes at Parsons and I went there so it's nice to have that connection. 

We also love to watch romantic comedies - maybe a little too much! On the weekends, we get mani pedis together because a little rest and relaxation is good for both of us.

Following in your footsteps, Carley enjoys art, can you share some of her work? 

 What’s your neighborhood local spot?

We're in the Meat Packing District and love Catch. We also love to go ice skating at The Standard. 

Do you and Carley work out together? 

We go to Exhale class together and love taking classes with Jane. Her pink hair is awesome! After a workout, we will treat ourselves to massages or facials at their spa at The Gansevoort in the Meatpacking District. 

You travel a lot with Carley, Is there a trip that has been memorable and why?

Yes, we travel a lot and one of the most memorable trips was to Cairo when my sister and brother in law were living there. It was incredible to see the pyramids, the Nile River and just great family bonding.
During our last trip to Montauk with my father, we didn't stay at the best hotel. I think Carley slept in her coat!  It didn't matter because it was a family tradition and a trip we went on with his best friends for years. Despite the place, it was still amazing because it was family time well spent and an experience that we'll always remember. 

What are some of the values that you try to instill in Carley?

I want Carley to be self sufficient, self-reliant, independent and have a good work ethic. My mom always encouraged us to know a trade and be very pragmatic.
I am very optimistic and want her to believe in the power of positive thinking and if you want it enough there is a way to get it. Carley is great at self-acceptance and she works on instilling that in me. I accept her fully in every way and I want her to be comfortable in her skin.

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